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Introduction and History

Western Vic JOTA/JOTI is an annual radio and electronics themed Scout camp held at the Cooinda Burrong Scout Campsite in the heart of the Grampians National Park. The camp is organised and run by a group of dedicated volunteers, including Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and former-Scouts, and hosts around 100 Scouts from across western Victoria each year.

The first JOTA camp at Cooinda Burrong was held in 2007, and was organised by a small group of Scout-aged members.

From the Wimmera District JOTA 2007 Report:

Wimmera District JOTA/JOTI this year set new records. It was clearly the biggest JOTA/JOTI ever to be held in the Wimmera District and is also the largest scout camp to be held in the District for many years. I am also very pleased to report that the oldest Amateur Radio Operator registered under VK3SAW was 18 years old. Our operators consisted of; Aeden Ratcliffe VK3FABA 13y/o, Nat Ballinger VK3FNAT 15y/o, Matt Gledhill VK3FMLG 18y/o and myself, Ash Clark, VK3SSB 16y/o.

Wimmera District JOTA Team 2007

The camp has grown in the decade following, and we have seen a number of changes over that time - one of the most notable being the shift from bulky tower computers with CRT screens to laptops in the early 2010s.

The Wimmera Cup

Founded in 2008, the Wimmera Cup is awarded annually to the JOTA troop who best demonstrates Quality Scouting over the JOTA/JOTI weekend.

The Cup is open to all Groups attending the camp, not just those from Wimmera District. Great prizes are always up for grabs for the winners and also for the runners-up. The main way to earn points is by carefully planning and setting up your weekend 'standing campsite' showing off your Group's quality scouting techniques! Then, you are awarded points over the weekend for various other things.

Year Wimmera Cup Recipient
2008 2nd Horsham
2009 2nd Horsham
2010 4th Horsham/1st Dimboola
2011 1st Kaniva
2012 2nd Horsham
2013 1st Hamilton
2014 1st Kaniva
2015 Warrnambool Tooram
2016 2nd Horsham
2017 4th Horsham
2018 Hamilton
2019 Casterton

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