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A whole bunch of interesting activities are provided to the Scouts over the weekend. Primarily our activities are communication or JOTA related, however, we do try to mix in any other activities which we think Scouts will find exciting and different. A number of our activities are completely new each year and the hugely popular ones keep coming back. We do our best to make the JOTA experience something for the Scouts to remember each and every year. Below are just some of the activities which are planned for this year...



Fox Hunting

Scouts use directional antennas with very special receivers in order to located hidden transmitters hidden in the bush. How quick can you complete the course and get back to base with your foxes?



Radio Orienteering

Patrols saddle up with the 'Scout Radio Backpack' and are given directions from base via radio to complete the course. Good compass skills are required as well as clear communication and some basic Scouting knowledge to find your way around. Meanwhile, home base are watching your GPS position being transmitted back via the Radio Backpack!



Solder your own circuit!

Try your hand at building a simple circuit while learning how to solder. Soldering is a great skill to learn and something which is always useful to know when it comes to fixing up a gadget. Learn how in this activity and have fun putting together your circuit!




We have experienced Geocachers for the weekend to set you up a challenging Geocache course around the camp. This is a great activity which you can take back to your own troop. Learn how to use a GPS and locate the hidden caches in the bush.



Jam FM

Rock on to the tunes of JamFM broadcasting throughout the entire campsite all weekend! Pay the guys at JamFM a visit to request a song and even get on air.



Patrol Photo - JOTA Style!

Just like a family photo, only we do it JOTA style! In this activity, each patrol will build their own mast, erect an antenna and use the radio waves in order to send, receive and print a special, take-home, patrol photo!

This year, the photos will be available on our website to download after the camp.



JOTA - Amateur Radio

Join in the fun of JOTA at our massive Amateur Radio station. Our equipment will get you on the air talking with Scouts in many different parts of the World, Australia and overseas.

At our Amateur Radio Station, we like to do a little more than just talk on radios! Have you ever seen pictures sent via radio, or how about live tracking of several transmitters being carried on our activities using radio and Google earth!



JOTI - Internet

JOTI is also a big thing at our event. We have in excess of 20 slick laptops running JOTI for the whole weekend. We even run an interactive map displaying all JOTI contact right around the world to make your JOTI experience even more enjoyable! JOTI connects you with the entire Scouting world using JOTI specific chat servers. Just like JOTA, this is a lot of fun!


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