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The whole aim of JOTA and JOTI is to communicate with Scouts from right around the World. Each year at our JOTI activity, we compile a map of the locations that we contacted.

As we move across to this new website, we will continue to add previous years' contact maps as far as possible.

In 2017 we will be once again recording our JOTA (radio) and JOTI (internet) contacts on a map, as well as recording a list of radio contacts.

2017 JOTI (Internet) Contacts

Contacts tally: 108

Click here to view JOTI Map

2016 JOTA (Amateur Radio) Contacts

Contacts tally: 15

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Click here to view JOTA Logbook

2016 JOTI (Internet) Contacts

Contacts tally: 170

Click here to view JOTI Map

2015 JOTI (Internet) Contacts

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